Under Five's Grug Party - 1 July 2010

The CBCA Illawarra-South Coast Branch hosted an under five's Grug party on the 1st of July. The event was a huge success with over fifty children and their parents enjoying a morning of arts and crafts, games and storytelling. Every child also received a goodie bag with a Grug book inside.
The venue was the Thirroul Library and Community Centre where I felt extremely privileged to mingle with glittering princesses, delightful fairies and some of my favourite superheroes, like Batman and Superman.

But the best part of the morning was the arrival of our special guest: Grug! Everyone I talked to had been looking forward to meeting him. I am very, very close to Grug, so I was especially pleased he would be making an appearance at our party. Halfway through the morning, I began to peek through the windows and the doors to see if I could get a glimpse of him. I was so excited, I couldn't help myself.

At last Grug arrived, and he was so thrilled to meet all the children, he rushed forward and became stuck in the doorway. After a few anxious moments, with a shove from behind, he managed to squeeze himself through! Poor Grug - perhaps he's been eating too many biscuits at morning tea time!

Reported by CBCA Person on the Spot, Sandi Wooton (alias Grug)